XLPE is an acronym for Cross Linked Polyethylene. It is a cable compound. Our brand name for XLPE is PrinPex.

The main characteristic of XLPE is that the long molecular chains of polyethylene are cross-linked together by a process similar to the vulcanisation of rubber and thus form a strongly bonded three-dimensional network structure. To make an analogy, the polyethylene molecules are linked together in a similar way to a network.


Cross-linked polyethylene is mainly used in wire and cable insulation, or pipes for carrying hot water.

In electrical cables, the function of the insulator is to confine the electrical charges in the conductor, bringing them directly to the point of use (electrical equipment). Any failure in the insulation will create an escape route for the charges outside the conductor, causing a short circuit in the electrical system, as the current will see a path of lower electrical resistance than the conductor itself.

Applied to cables, thermostability means that they can withstand higher temperatures without deforming and, since heat is generated as current passes through them, it improves the electrical characteristics of the cable.

Therefore, XLPE insulated cable is more resistant to thermal deformation due to its higher thermal tolerance property and has a higher current carrying capacity than conventional cable.